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Time Engineers teaches engineering, science, and math without leaving the fun of gaming behind. Students travel in a cool time machine to three different time periods and encounter typical engineering problems to be solved in order to build pyramids, irrigate farm land, command a WWII submarine, raise and lower medieval drawbridges, and much more.

Unlike most educational software, Time Engineers was designed to be as rich in graphics, content and game-play as most commercial games students play. It was also designed with educators in mind with an easy to understand manual and helpful teaching tools in the form of lesson plans and curriculum guides.

Produced in conjunction with the College of Engineering at Valparaiso University, Time Engineers was designed to help middle and high school students explore and apply some of the fundamental principles of engineering. In Ancient Egypt, students experiment with ramps, workers, and the type of stone to build pyramids. During World War II, they help design a submarine or a radar system. During the Middle Ages, students help design a drawbridge and a catapult. In each, there are several factors that students can adjust to be successful. The content, delivered through narration, text and interactive exercises, includes binary numbers, boolean logic, weirs and water flow, force balance and trajectory.

Requires Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP/ME/Vista/ or Windows 7